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Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Transportation Performance website.  In 2017,  MnDOT released it's 20-year Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan to acheive a transportation system that maximizes the health of people, the environment and the state's economy. The plan includes all types of transportation and all transportation partners. It is about more than roadways and more than the Minnesota Department of Transportation. It evaluates the status of the entire transportation system, takes into account what is changing, and provides goals and direction for progress over the next 20 years. The  Plan focuses on five objectives: Open Decision-Making, Transportation Safety, Critical Connections, System Stewardship, and Healthy Communities and includes strategies for MnDOT and its transportation partners for each objective . These objectives and strategies support the Minnesota GO Vision and address the challenges facing Minnesota's transportation system and everyone who depends on it. 

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OBJECTIVES Statewide Minnesota Transportation Plan

To help ensure that progress is made in the coming years, each objective includes a list of related performance measures. These measures will help track progress toward meeting the objectives and the desired outcomes of the Minnesota GO vision.